Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge

Barramundi Fishing Darwin Melville Island

One of the most exciting fishing experiences any angler can encounter is a fast hard hitting battle with a huge Barramundi and there is no better barramundi fishing location than Melville Island.

Melville Island is located at the top of end of Darwin in the Norther Territory, about a 30 minute light plane flight from Darwin Airport. Once you arrive you will be welcomed by Michael Benton or one of his fabulous happy team. Lots of smiles and stories will start from the time you arrive, you will get checked in to the fishing lodge which is great clean and comfortable then you will be given a personal run down on what to expect, “BUT TRUST ME NOTHING CAN PREPARE YOU FOR THE FISHING ACTION OF THE DAYS THAT LAY AHEAD”

The night before you first big barramundi fishing adventure is always exciting you will experience a beautiful freshly cooked dinner of local produce and fresh seafood as well as chicken and beef dishes. Then sit back chill out with a cold drink a game of pool or hit the sack the choice is yours. But we do advise to get some rest because following day of fishing wwill be full on.

The next day arrives the first day of barrumundi fishing action and you will feel pumped and excited as you head down the jetty on to professionally decked out fishing boats, all boats have lunches packed and cold refreshments of water soft drinks, beer and spirits if you preffer. Then you are off rod, reel and lure ready your guide hunts down the best spots and before you know it you are casting and pulling in barra after barra the action is awesome you will be pumped.

If you want to experience all this action come and experience it first hand at Munupi Wilderness Lodge on Melville Island. Barramundi Fishing in Darwin does not get better than this.

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