Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge

Munupi Fishing

Surrounded by pristine white beaches, clear waters, coral reefs and luscious tropical rainforest there is nothing like fishing in beauty of the Tiwi Islands in Australia’s Northern Territory.

This remote, untouched part of Australia is home to all types of fishing from Blue Water and Reef Fishing to Fly and Lure fishing in the many mangrove and estuary systems. A world renowned “hot spot” for sport fishing, Munupi Lodge has the ultimate fishing adventure for the whole family.

Diverse fishing all year round

With an abundance of prized tropical fish including Barramundi, Threadfun Salmon, Blue Salmon, Golden Trevally, Golden Snapper, Magrove Jack, Black Jewfish and many more, you are sure of a memorable fishing experience with at Munupi Wilderness Lodge.

Complete for your catch with the passing crocodile, non-uncommon in the Top End’s natural wildlife. Don’t worry, the large Munupi Lodge high-sided, purpose built boats are completely safe and are no match for the cold-blooded reptiles who are simply looking for barramundi just as you are.

Although the Barramundi is the iconic fish of the tropics, and the population surrounding Munupi Lodge is absolutely spectacular, you will also find yourself reeling in Spanish Markeral, Queenfish, Coral Trout, Long Tail Tuna and many more beautiful species exclusive to the area.

Professional Guided Tours

Have the Munupi Lodge’s experienced and professional guides show you how to find and angle some of the best fish in the world. Explore diverse habitats from estuaries to rock-bars; for the unique fishing spots of the Tiwi Islands are also home to a range of native bird life, dolphins, dugongs, turtles and of course prized fish.

With a versatile fleet of boats and motors, Munupi Lodge has the top of the range fleet of boats suited to a variety of salt and fresh water fishing environments. With excellent stability and discretion, Munupi Boats are clean-running, fuel-efficient models that are highly comfortable and safe. No need to bring any equipment, with all rods and lures supplied.

Don’t forget the camera as you will want to remember your fishing experience at Munupi Wilderness Lodge.