Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge

Fishing Spots

It is unusual to find such diverse habitats as are available to the visitor at Munupi. Munupi is situated at the Northern end of the Apsley Straight, on Melville Island.

A stone’s throw away

Just on your doorstep, you can find magnificent blue water and reef fishing, rocky headlands, vast fish holding flats and estuary systems, rock bars, deep holes of up to 200 feet and mangrove-lined creeks that are home to the mighty Barra and the salt-water crocodile.

Extremes in water movement

There are days where the water pours through the Straight as though a plug has been pulled, yet at other times there is little movement between tides.

Brackish waters

It is possible to travel up the rivers to their source, encountering brackish water that ultimately turns to fresh. There are broad swamps and wetlands covered in geese ducks and other waterfowl. Paperbark forests all with abundant flora and fauna, including numerous wallabies, the kangaroo, and dingo.

Fish everywhere!

At Munupi, the waters are teaming with fish ready for you to catch. Apart from being taken to all the usual sports, you may also be lucky enough to experience the secret inlets, billabongs and locations known only to locals.

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