Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge

Experience A Once In a Lifetime Fishing Adventure At Munupi Wilderness Lodge.

Are you a fisherman at heart? Do you dream of a fishing adventure like no other? Munupi Wilderness Lodge is one of Australia’s must see fishing destinations. Munupi Wilderness Lodge is located in beautiful Darwin, at the Northern end of the Apsley Straight on Melville Island. Not only does Munupi Wilderness Lodge offer the ultimate fishing adventure but plays host to Darwin’s pristine waterways an exclusive fishing location for all aspiring and seasoned fishermen.

Home to the mighty Barra and salt-water crocodile, Munupi Wilderness Lodge is your number one dynamic and diverse fishing destination. With such a huge range and variety of fish in the many waterways and estuary systems, you a guaranteed the adventure of a lifetime. From the mighty Barramundi, Queenfish, Threadfin Salmon or the often smaller Blue Salmon, you’ll be sure to hook a fish like never before. Whether you’re chasing Dolphin Fish, Coral Trout, Golden Snappers, Mangrove Jacks or Spanish Mackerel Jewfish, Munupi Wilderness Lodge ensures an endless supply of Australia’s most exclusive fish. With such a diverse range of fishing adventures available from lure, fly and blue water, to reef, barramundi and estuary fishing, the possibilities of your catch are endless.

Munupi Wilderness Lodge is renowned by all who visit as a once in a lifetime fishing adventure, promising experiences you will never forget. No one experience is the same, they can vary from you being dragged over an hour down the estuaries after hooking a two and a half meter wide stingray or even catching a record sized Giant Trevally. One thing is for sure whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fishermen at leisure, Munupi Wilderness Lodge is a fishing adventure that you must experience for yourself.

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