Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge

Munupi Food

Known for its culinary excellence, Munupi restaurant is just what you need after a busy day exploring the Islands and the surrounding waters. You are guaranteed to enjoy the food, that’s for sure!

Home grown vegetables and local produce accompany the abundance of fresh seafood. The Munupi Restaurant menu contains a variety of beautiful Australian bistro style meals. If there is a delicacy you would prefer during your stay, please advice Kerri-Anne who is happy to cater to your needs.

Michael and Kerri-Ann have had fifteen years to perfect and create their own recipes using the local seafood and produce. Fresh Barramundi, Salmon, Jack or Snapper (perhaps depending on your own angling skills) are featured regularly on the menu. Perhaps a local Crayfish, or a plate of fresh Mussels are more to your liking.

As well the giant Mud Crabs, almost a meal in themselves, can be served steamed, smoked over hot coals aboriginal style, or in a delicious sauce that has the aromatic taste of nearby Asia.

Be treated to succulent roasts, grilled or barbecued steaks, or alternatively make a welcome suggestion in which Kerri, Michael or David can prepare especially. Both breakfast and lunch is prepared to your liking with plenty of snacks and fruit available at all times. All dietary requirements are catered for; simply advise us of your needs when booking.

Join in the friendly atmosphere around the BBQ and restaurant, catch up on the stories of the day to hear why Munupi really is the most memorable holiday destination.

Bar and Restaurant

Wind down at the end of the day with a refreshing drink at the Bar and Restaurant. Share your stories and experiences over a cool beer as you watch the sun set slowly over Apsley Straight.

A fun and friendly atmosphere fills the Munupi Bar and Restaurant. Munupi Wilderness Lodge is a family friendly place welcoming all types of traveler and their stories.

Munupi Wilderness Lodge

Munupi Wilderness Lodge has an world wide record for hosting renowned fishermen and journalists such as Rex Hunt, Channel Nine’s Today Show, Steve Starling, Kaj Bush and Rick Huckstep, to name a few.

Managers Michael and Kerri-Ann Benton and David Taat, are long time residents of Melville Island, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge of the local area to the resort. Together they possess a vast, practical understanding of the local wilderness; the fishery, wildlife, local customs, traditions, history, art and bush tucker.