Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge

The Unforgettable View

Fishing guideJust imagine! You are pleasantly tired from an exciting day on the water. You’ve just had a refreshing shower, and an equally refreshing drink. (Perhaps you have your feet up – your choice!) You are sitting comfortably in the bar of Munupi Wilderness Lodge, perched high on a cliff overlooking spectacular views. Magpie Geese fly overhead, a single “V” shape headed towards their roost on Bathurst Island, now a mere silhouette in the approaching twilight. With a smile on your face your close your eyes and take in the unique Australian surrounds of Munupi Wilderness Lodge.

Native Wildlife Wonders

Fishing guideAt this time yesterday a school of dolphins with a big dominant bull, a few anxious parents and a couple of their young playfully feeding on a school of fish, right in front of the Lodge.
Today, the tide is out exposing the big sandbank further up the straight. Lying peacefully in the shallows as expected, is the big salt-water crocodile, sixteen foot of natural wonder simply enjoying the remains of the day. You never know what lies in store on any given day, but at Munupi Wilderness Lodge you can guarantee it’ll be something special.

A Hive of Activity

Fishing guideSuddenly the silence is broken by a sharp “crack” as a big Barramundi terrorises the mullet population desperately seeking cover in the mangroves at the foot of the cliff. With the sun setting, an orange mackerel sky slowly turns to crimson red, gradually transforming everything with a vivid pink glow. The hazy air starts to cool and the night calms, birds cooing in the trees, cicadas sleeping in the grasses. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Beauty of the Birds

Fishing guidePerched high in the palms a chorus of Lorikeets provide a symphony, natures own background music.

A lonely pair of Brolgas float effortlessly above the tree line, seemingly, effortlessly enjoying the moment here and now.

At Munupi Wilderness Lodge, you’ll spot all kinds of native tropical bird species in their natural habitat. Playfully and magnificently they are all just waiting to be admired!