Munupi Wilderness Lodge is also known as Clearwater Island Lodge

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Munupi Wilderness Lodge

Munupi Wilderness Lodge is situated on the outskirts of Pirlangimpi, a historic Aboriginal Tiwi settlement that can trace its history back hundreds of years prior to the settlement of Fort Dundas. Munupi Wilderness Lodge is located about 100 kilometres north of Darwin on Melville Island, part of the Tiwi Island Group.

Munipi Lodge is the Top Sport-Fishing Lodge in Australia, frequently visited by seasoned fisherman and journalists from around the world including fishing legends Rex Hunt and Andrew Ettinghausen. The spectacular location of Munupi Lodge allows for a personal fishing adventure in the many reef, estuary, mangrove or river systems right on the doorstep. With over 52 species of river and coastal fish, Munupi Lodge is renowned for consistent fishing all year round.

Munupi Wilderness Lodge caters for all types of fishing from deep sea, Barramundi, reef, fly, blue water, estuary and lure fishing; for the aspiring to the experienced. Munupi is a one stop shop for every traveller seeking an unforgettable fishing experience in the beauty of Australia’s northern islands.

“The Black Jewfish of this region are the best and most prolific I have found anywhere!” – Rex Hunt


Pirlangimpi, also known as Garden Point, with a population of approximately 250 people provides a focal point for the surrounding outstations and industries including ecological tourism, forestry and the thriving fish farming industry. Munupi Wilderness Lodge was originally built as the clubhouse for the local golf course back in the mid eighties, and its ensuing survival through several cyclones testifies to the design of the structure.

Pirlangimpi, although a small population has modern facilities including a sealed Airport, sheltered harbour and boat ramp, dupermarket and general store, police station, local council, health and medical Centre, a thriving arts centre, and a modern bakery.

The Pirlangimpi community is connected to the mainland by regular passenger transport, including a weekly barge service, and is only 20 minutes from Darwin by air. Although remote, the island has television, radio, fax and internet access. The indigenous Tiwi people, native to the Islands, are a traditional aboriginal community with a strong sense of heritage and culture as evident in their world renowned artworks. Learn the unique culture of the Tiwi people, happy to tell stories of their ancestors and people.